upcoming release "Almost Forgotten" unreleased songs and demos


New Album will be released online 11. December 2018.

"Almost Forgotten" is a Release for all of you, so it will be for free download on bandcamp. The songs are recorded between 2011 and 2017, included are some demo versions from songs you already know. Also some different versions of "Silverglobe" and "Kepler 22b" will be on this release. There are also songs with vocals by Luca, Devon.

Why "Almost Forgotten"? Because it is a surprise if you found out there is a song on 4-Track that you dont remember, also there are saved songs with names like "sga2", "df", "demo name of 01". Some songs were recorded with different equipment.

"Almost Forgotten" Release is in the music genre: minimal synth, EBM, drone electro, industrial noise.

 below the link to the Album on bandcamp: