new Album "Kosmonautska Musika" in February 2019!

Good evening Listeners,

I recorded around 20 tracks in the beginning of the new year!
The tracks were recorded only with the vintage Synthesizer and Vocoder "Elektronika EM-26".
I will later put some Infomation about the Synthesizer on my page. The Vocals were recorded through the Vocoder. The drums from my Korg Mini Pops were changed with the Filter of the Synthesizers Input.
In the last two weeks I was producing and mixing the album. The album will be online the 5th February.

There are Songs called: Quasar Dance, Blackhole, Kopernikus, Solaris, Horsehead Nebula, Kosmos 2000 and many more.

The Coverartwork shows the Orion Nebula, its photographed by me in December last year.

Here is a link to the song "Kopernikus":