novva falla is an european electronic music project by Adam der Somnambule. It is more or less about Retro Scifi Musika, made with old analog music equipment.
The Project started in Spring 2011 with 4-Track Tape Recordings. Each Song was recorded in 30minutes.

"novva falla - the 4-Track Tapes" was the first Release on Tape at the Label "aufnahme + wiedergabe" in 22 December 2012.

In the Year 2013 were 5 Tapes [tes01 - tes06] recorded and then released on the own Label "Tesua". In the meantime there were also some Sampler contributions.

Some Albums were recorded in different countries, so the most common equipment was the Korg MS-10 and the Korg MiniPops. All songs were recorded on a 4-Track Tape Recording Machine.

In 2015 there was a Sampler Release with the song "Ueito" at 01 July 2015. The Sampler Compilation was called "Not So Cold Vol#2 Various/Artists", released by TACUARA RECORDS & CINTAS TRIANGULARES PRODUCTION (Argentina & Peru).

In 2018 there was a delayed Release [tes07] "novva falla - Hokkaido Rhapsody". Nearly all songs were recorded in 2015 and only one Song was recorded in 2017. All songs were mastered in 2018 and released on Tape.

In December 2018 was a free download Release [tes08] "Almost Forgotten" with unreleased Songs, Demos and experimental works recorded between 2011 and 2017.

In February 2019 was a Release [tes09] "Kosmonautska Musika". The Songs were recorded only with the vintage Synthesizer and Vocoder "Elektronika EM-26".

In March 2020 was a free download Release [tes10] "The Rituals of Ionam dni Zwuahia". The Songs were recorded only with the SOMA Lyra-8.

Genres: Minimal Electro, Minimal Slow Synth, Analog Noise Industrial, Drone Synth, Experimental, Dark Ambient
Music Instruments: Korg MS-10, Elektronika EM-26, SOMA Lyra-8, Korg MiniPops, Analog Echo, Watkins Copicat, 70s CRB DrumComputer