The Rituals of Ionam dni Zwuahia (tes10)

(Songs made with SOMA Lyra-8)

The Album is for free download available on Bandcamp, here the link.

Why for free? Because I want to share my joy with you about the music creating machine Lyra-8. Thanks to Vlad and SOMA for making this machine.
In early January 2020 I come up first with the idea of a free digital download Album.  I also Included a Cover and Backside Artwork file in the Download.

There is also a Musicvideo for the song "At dawn in the woods the illusion in sight" available on this site, here the link.

The Coverartwork and Backside shows a sight in the Alps, its photographed by me with Analog 35mm Film around 2005.
The music, picture and Artwork is made by me  "novva falla".

this album is dedicated to: Edward Alexander Crowley

Kosmonautska Musika (tes09)

Songs about the Kosmos, recorded with Elektronika EM-26 Vocoder

"Kosmonautska Musika" is a very personal release I always dreamed of.  The Album will be online 5th February 2019 for download on bandcamp. The Songs are recorded on 4-Track Tape and then mixed.

The Songs were recorded only with the vintage Synthesizer and Vocoder "Elektronika EM-26". The Vocals were recorded through the Vocoder. The drums from my Korg Mini Pops were changed with the Filter of the Synthesizers Input.
The Coverartwork shows the Orion Nebula, its photographed by me in February 2019. I think I will update the online picture of the Orion Nebula, the first picture was from December 2018 and the second from February 2019 will be the one for printing.

Here you can already listen to the song Kopernikus (here the link).
There will be Songs called: Quasar Dance, Blackhole, Kopernikus, Solaris, Horsehead Nebula, Kosmos 2000 and many more.

A l l    R e l e a s e s

on Tape or Digital Album

below the link to all released Albums on bandcamp: